The Causes

Ultimately, the cause of all cancers is a weakened immune system. 

So what is our immune system?   Simply put, our immune system is composed of chemicals, organs, tissues and cells that work in a specific and coordinated response to destroy and eliminate mutated cells and foreign invaders such as bacteria, molds and fungi, parasites, proteins and viruses, free radicals and others.  These things go about to damage DNA which can start a chain reaction toward cancer. You could say our immune system works somewhat like an app on your phone, which through a complex series of biological processes and cellular signaling, works collectively to keep us healthy.


Diagnosed Now

Knowing exactly this moment, from my own personal experience, hopefully you, or your loved one, will find comfort, answers, options, power, resources, techniques and a host of other beneficial factors to get to the point of Victory, which is so very possible.  I absolutely do believe in conventional and alternative therapies, so research well and have others help to sort out the best of the best which I try to supply here on this site.  Reviewing The CausesVictory Lifestyle and The Cures, plus this page, will give you abundant resources to bring you to the healthiest outcome possible.


The Cures

The Cures first start with The Causes. You must look over The Causes and start to eliminate them as much as possible. Some you absolutely must eliminate immediately. Once you know the causes and have begun immediately removing them from your Victory Lifestyle, look over all The Cures that are listed below. Some are things to do right from your home, some are things to buy and have shipped to you. Some are places to visit to get you started on the protocol and to continue once you return home. All in all, dig a bit deeper into each cure, for only you can determine, once fully evaluating yourself and getting tests recommended on this blog, what one or ones to start immediately.



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This has been an education I certainly didn’t expect to be schooled in, but I can honestly say I am grateful for what I now know and am more empowered, healthier and emotionally happier than I thought I could ever be.