This has been an education I certainly didn’t expect to be schooled in, but I can honestly say I am grateful for what I now know and am more empowered, healthier and emotionally happier than I thought I could ever be. How is that possible, after having a cancer diagnosis? It is and it can be for you too. First is to take away the fear and input information back to you. This blog will cover the necessary aspects to deal with cancer from a true victory blogger who has experienced the journey, sought out the answers and has the steps and science to back it up.

How did this start? Back in February of 2014, I was diagnosed with small intestine cancer - a rare cancer only .05 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with a year of which 75% of are caught late stage. The first sign was severe stomach pain of which I immediately saw a doctor for. The situation grew more grievous, though I had undergone many diagnostic tests. Finally, it was discovered after an enteroscopy procedure. Six days later, I had surgery to remove the cancer, not knowing what they’d find, but ultimately taking about 6 inches from my small intestine. Once healed from surgery and by April 1st, I started on adjuvant chemotherapy. The chemo treatment was administered for 6 months at 2-week intervals and was an all day process.

Non chemo day and going out. May 2014

Me, after 1 month of chemo treatment.

At an early on point, in starting the treatment protocol, I became extremely organized. I had each lab printed out and reviewed and compared them. I organized all my processes and medications. The feeling of being out of control was not an option for me. This was the most serious position I had ever faced and I have never allowed others to pull me through my own situation without my active participation. This had my full attention for I thought, before the diagnosis, that I was in great health, ate well and was active, or was I?

I began researching like nobodies business while still going through chemo, and I haven’t stopped. I started with my diet. Improving my nutrition with supplements and juicing. Walking, relaxing and praying became a mainstay as well. I incorporated reki massage therapy every two weeks and sometimes burned frankincense oils. My household pantry was revamped and many products removed. All plastic ware and unsafe cookware was replaced with glass and true stainless steel. The essence of who I am and how I think was also reevaluated. There were so many more steps taken, but the majority is listed in Victory Lifestyle. I was feeling empowered with every positive choice I made. It was important for me to have a hand in my recovery outcome and not just what my mainstream doctors told me.

None of the mainstream doctors in my initial treatment group talked a grain of salt about what I share on this blog. Nothing was said about genetic testing, nutrition, micro cellular testing, exercising, supplements and such and what they could do for me. So I researched and set up to see a doctor to test my genetics, take a hair sample, to test my blood. Whatever was going to get me answers, I was on board for and was not putting myself in harms way. I also kept reading about people who were curing their cancers, even various stage IV cancers, mostly through nutrition. So here I was, on my own, delving into a arena of naturopathic medicine that has a stigma of quackery. I felt like I was talking about aliens when I brought up naturopathic remedies. No body I knew knew what I was learning. Things like supplements even have a “they don’t work” stigma. I am here to tell you they do as well as many other pieces of information I have to share with you to guide you and empower you. You are able to get healthier than you ever knew possible and you are going to know what to do.

Now that I’ve been on this quest and journey of health for over two years, I knew it was time to share it. I’ve learned things like why glutathione levels in newborns are so low. I learned how to build on your T cells to fight off cancer. This, and much more information is too important and it will be my pleasure to bring you the most reliable sources that I research out and even test on myself. The groundwork has been completed to tell you how to start knowing how to care for your body better than you ever knew before. Young, old, sister, brother, mom or dad, you are important!!!

Me, after 3 months of chemo treatment with my overnight chemo pack.

I want to share this analogy. If we were given one car and told that that is the only one for your entire life, just think how much more we would care for that vehicle. Well, we only have one body and I now realize that I cannot take for granted that it will function just like it has perfectly for the last 50 years. Just because the outside of me looks normal, doesn’t mean inside is not in high distress. You will learn that 90% of our body has no warning signal until a symptom shows up. Let’s not wait around for that to happen.

May God hold each of us close in this journey -- for "You Are Rare" Blessings, Christi A.