31 March 2017

250 Cancer Remedies

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Backed By Science From Independent Cancer Research Found., Inc. (ICRF)

Can you believe it!  I've found the most comprehensive list of 250 Remedies that have helped countless people in all stages of different cancers.  

Some of them you will undoubtedly of heard of, but there are so many here, I attribute it to how God has created many sources that work for those all around the world.  It is with perseverance and responsibility that so much success can occur.  This is like being on a diet, but there is no failure and only the goal of success, you must stick with it.  I get it.  I've done it and now I can monitor it.

I realize that there are failures when one of these many remedies may not work for some, but there is a foundation of health to first consider and to optimize.  Remember my mentioning of the Micronutrient Test from Spectracell?  That test gives you the true answer to your immune health.

Read over the many valuable remedies for sometimes it is a multitude of things that must be considered.  My latest read was "The Cancer Killers' by Dr.s Majors, Lerner and Sayer Ji, who tell the story of a victorious cancer patient and what he did.  To summarize ever  so succinctly, as is stated in the book, "there is one cause and one cure."  It's a great read and a source of how it lead me to find the 250 remedies from ICRF: (Should the list somehow disappear, I suggest downloading it.)


27 December 2016

Christmas And The Gifts of Healing

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Subtle Changes And A Gift You Can Make

There's so much to the simple massage that heals the body.  We've all heard how it is great to relieve stress and relax muscles, but did you know a massage also enhances the lymphatic system which hold the big fighting T Cells.

You don't have to go to a fancy spa to get a massage.  How about asking someone close to you to give you one.  I've told my husband that i'd rather have an hour massage by him than some things we go out to do.  

And in the spirit of Christmas, there''s a gift you can make for yourself and receive the healing benefits of.  You can make your own Frankincense and Myrrh pillow spray.  

Mix together 10 drops of each, Frankincense and 10 drops of Myrrh into a 6 ounce spray bottle filled with distilled water.  Read how these two essential oils have vast medicinal benefits that can be working while you're sleeping.

I use mine just about every nite and switch out some new scents from time to time.


Myrrh:  https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-myrrh-essential-oil.html


27 December 2016

The "C" Word - Movie About Untold Cancer Cures

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Movie in Limited Theaters

We have to watch this as soon as it's available.

It's a look at cancer as a preventable and curable disease through food choices and lifestyle changes we seem to have put aside as normal.  It reiterates everything I believe in incorporating into your life to nourish and feed it in order for it to rebuild and rejuvenate the cells it is replacing every second.  Here's the link for a trailer preview.



The move is now offered on Amazon.


09 October 2016

Free Online Internet Docu-Series "The Truth About Cancer"

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Live Symposium In Dallas, Texas, USA, October 14 - 16, 2016

Watch this amazing live internet doc-series that has been sweeping the world with its information about cancer and alternative treatments as well as very valuable health and science information that you need to learn about to keep you and your loved ones healthy even if you don't have cancer.

There will be numerous scientists, doctors and other highly trained professionals speaking about what works and what isn't being promoted in the mainstream treatment arenas.  They are treatments other countries are using and working to treat cancer patients prior, during and post cancer.

I'll be there taking scrupulous notes and hoping to speak with some of the speakers.  Don't miss this valuable series!  Here's the link:https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com/uls/?ref=5e69975b-0b29-462e-bcf8-0b4242601798

02 October 2016

Breast Cancer Screening Through Thermography

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Detects Cancer 18 Months Earlier Than a Mammogram


Had the most invigorating 1st event for Vow Victory at yesterday's Inaugural Breast Cancer Walk for Gwinnett Medical Hospital.

Met so many woman and men who are such fighters and supporters for breast cancer patients.  I hope I've made some new friends and hope they've learned some valuable health resources from Vow Victory's posts.

Some visitors, to my vendor table, I was able to mention how Thermography is such a safe and far more effective tool to discover breastcancer 18 months prior to what a mammogram can detect with NO radiation or squishing.  Heres a link to Georgia's thermography group.


Thank you all for being so welcoming!

29 September 2016

Completed Review of 23andMe Test with Micronutrient Test

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Hooray!!!  I’ve finally received my 23andMe results back and have gone over them and my micronutrient test with Dr. Thomas. (To find a doctor near you, visit: https://www.spectracell.com/find-a-clinician/

After spending over an hour together and recording my visit, I have learned more valuable information about my body’s strengths, some weaknesses and even smaller, but highly important, gene weaknesses that may have lead to the cancer I had.

The science is there for the taking and we live in a time in which we should use this utterly valuable information about our genetic dispositions as a window into our overall health.   I see this as a language in which my body is able to tell me how to help it.  A cut on my skin is easy to diagnose and fix, but a weakness in my genes that expresses an inability to absorb a nutrient that makes killer T cells which destroy cancer, is impossible to know unless you take these two tests = SpectraCells Micronutrient Test and the genetic test by 23andMe.

After a very enlightening office visit with Dr. Thomas, he was able to explain each situation in the 33 page report on me.  Knowing I would never remember everything we went over, I recorded the entire session for easy review later even though I was deeply entrenched in what he said.

Now we have a true picture of what supplements I need to support the health of my weakest genes.  Some of those genes clearly pointed to its inability to remove toxins easily as well as pointed to some of my genes weaknesses to absorb certain nutrients.  There were plenty of healthy genes as well. 

So this is my quest to nourish my body with the extra supplements that it needs, based on science, and continue to forge ahead in the Lifestyle Changes I’ve incorporated and continue to tweak for improvement.  I highly suggest this to everyone! 

20 September 2016

God's Principle of Healthful Living

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From The Restored Church of God Sit

In black and white, and for centuries, it is has been laid out to us to eat healthy.  This article was important, though it repeats things that we all usually have heard, but it's the presentation, the new information and how God, who made us perfect, lays out how to return to health.

My own journey on the path to better health and understanding how to know if my body inside really is healthy, has taken quite a bit of time and i'm still tweaking and researching and changing it up based on science and proven results.  

Because I felt I couldn't eat and replenish the many nutrients (vitamins/minerals/enzymes) my body truly needs, and needs even more due to my immune system being bombarded by chemo and previous CT scans and just life, I juice extract pretty regularly.  What's that?  That's using my Hamilton Beach juice extractor to spin off the core life force and then drink it down for immediate use by my body.

But that's just one of the areas by which I'm trying to return to health and incorporate a module that is now normal for me.  The juice that one can make so effortlessly without destroying them by cooking out the life force it holds, really is enjoyable to me.  Smoothies are great for a meal substitute but these juices are just like having orange juice in the morning.  And, yes, I do make my own orange juice too.  Love it all!


20 September 2016

Boosting Your Immunity with Enzymes

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From Dr. Oz Website. Take the Test. Check Out Enzyme Science Products

Enzymes, we just don't seem to be making them as fast and as plentiful as we need them.  Do you know we have over 3000 different enzymes.  Remember, enzymes are the workers that take vitamins and minerals (the building materials for your body) and turn them into whatever your body is needing to rebuild, repair and restore.  It's as if you wanted to put an addition onto your home and the workers never show up.

Enzyme Science has a terrific product line to use.  Dr. Oz even notes, if the enzymes you digest from a pill form aren't used, your body actually absorbs it and turns it into a worker enzyme from the digestive enzyme.  The body is so miraculous!



16 September 2016

Sharing My Result of Micronutrient Test

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SpectraCell Micronutrient Results

As I've noted, this test is very valuable in seeing a history of you and your cells at a micronutrient level which history if over a 4 to 6 month look.  Since following a protocol of vitamins and minerals and enzyme dietary supplementation, my immune health came back optimal.  I do have some borderline supplementation to consider and they did mention two supplementations to start on and even the dosage.  Of course, I've started on them. 

Once I had this information, I took it to my doctor, which was one I picked and researched from the SpectraCell site once I inputted my zip code.  His suggestion was to also take the 23andMe test.  Upon getting those results, we are going to have the real answer to what is going on and where I need to consider adding supplements even though I eat a very healthy diet, but cheat too.  

I'll share that information once I know, which should be mid October 2016.  Meanwhile, here's proof of my immune health that came back showing it falls in the optimal range.Screen-Shot-2016-09-16-at-25656-PM

16 September 2016

Dr. Mehmet Oz interviews Dr. Burzynski & Eric Merola

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Please listen to this interview Dr. Oz has with Dr. Burzynski.



Here is the movie about "The Cures" that are out there.



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