27 August 2016

How a Cancer Patient Feels When Diagnosed - Video

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Coping With Cancer

A truly accurate video on how a cancer patient feels when diagnosed. Have others see this who help you and support you.

Video - How a Cancer Patient Feels

26 August 2016

The Importance of a Micronutrient Test - Video

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SpectraCell has a great video to listen to to explain the science and importance of how our body relies on a process to steer us from cancer. I'm trying to show how important it is to know just how your body is functioning and highlighting the importance to get a micronutrient test done by SpectraCell.com

The Importance of a Micronutrient Test

26 August 2016

Vitamins / Minerals Lost in Different Preparations

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Check out how much vitamins/minerals you lose taking food from the raw state to each state - frozen, cooked, reheat, etc. 


29 July 2016

Micronutrient Deficiencies Cause Cancer

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Back in 2001, the University of California,stated that "DNA damage from micronutrient deficiencies is likely to be a major cause of cancer." They published their finding that the lack of "folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, or zinc, mimics radiation in damaging DNA by causing single- and double-strand breaks, oxidative lesions, or both." 

17 July 2016


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EXCELLENT time to let you know "How do I know what my body needs and is lacking in micronutrients?" SpectraCell.com is the only company in the USA that can test you at a microcellular level in the most detailed and in depth precision. They are able to test those internationally as well.

16 July 2016

Lifestyle Changes

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I. Prevention
Avoid interaction with as many environmental carcinogens as possible. What and how is that possible? We already know that most of the food grown is pesticide laden or GMO derived and grown in nutrient depleted soil. This process to our food has been chemically treated and that transfers these carcinogens straight through to us when we eat them. The same old adage is true; eat more organic fruits and vegetables and eat organic meats and fish. And when you choose your water, drink distilled or filtered water.

02 July 2016

Protocols to Cures

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This is where they can extract your T Killer cells, genetically modify them to attack the cancer in you, put them back inside and the T Killer cells replicate and destroy the cancer completely. Other immunotherapy is given through an IV and even a pill form. This is being effective up to 80% to 90% of people. (Time Magazine, April 4, 2016) Link (And Health Magazine, May 2016) Link

05 June 2016

Onconomics Plus Test

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If you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with cancer, ask your physician for the "Onconomics Plus Test" to see which drugs will respond to that cancer. This test is designed specifically to you and exactly the type of cancer diagnosed.


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