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Knowing exactly this moment, from my own personal experience, hopefully you, or your loved one, will find comfort, answers, options, power, resources, techniques and a host of other beneficial factors to get to the point of Victory, which is so very possible. I absolutely do believe in conventional and alternative therapies, so research well and have others help to sort out the best of the best which I try to supply here on this site. Reviewing The CausesVictory Lifestyle and The Cures, plus this page, will give you abundant resources to bring you to the healthiest outcome possible. Below are sites to visit to better understand this phase that you will get through. Stay vigilant and never give up! So many people DO love you, and this is when they will bring you to tears expressing their love for you!!!

Let’s not waste any time and get you well.

The First Steps

1) Have someone to be by your side to support you.

2) Get organized with doctor information, household help, and financial help.

3) Get a 2nd opinion about your type of cancer, stage and treatment options.

4) Ask each doctor you see for cancer treatment center suggestions.

5) Review treatment options – mainstream and C.A.M. (complimentary and alternative medicine).

6) Have questions to ask your healthcare team, from surgeon, oncologist, radiologist, etc.

7) Connect with other Victorious people who can mentor you through this and caregiver sites.


This is, of course, the first thing one experiences. The questions start racing in your mind and the fear sweeps over you. Have someone with you because usually we miss everything said after we hear “cancer.” Breath. There are so many options and positive outcomes and things you can do to beat cancer as millions already do and have.

Here are some questions you can ask each oncologist you interview for treatment:

1) What do you think caused this cancer?

2) What type of chemo/radiation is going to attack this cancer?

3) Is it curative or palliative?

4) How long will I be in treatment and how often and how much will it cost?

5) What is the 5 and 10 year disease free survival rate with the treatment plan you’re suggesting?

6) Ask for copies of the “material safety data sheets” for the chemo drugs suggested for treatment.

7) I would like the Onconomics Plus Test to see which drugs will respond to this cancer.

8) What other treatment options are available here for this cancer type?

9) What side effects will I encounter possibly?

10) How many other patients have you treated that had this type of cancer?

11) How long will it take for me to recuperate after treatment?

12) Would you do this treatment or treatments suggested?

Resources Upon Diagnosis

Multiple videos for people Just diagnosed with cancer with tips and support

A complimentary guide if you’ve just been diagnosed.

A detailed list of everything a cancer patient needs upon diagnosis.

Cancer Treatment Centers

Directory to any facility and doctor search nationwide.

Website giving patients information of how to stay on top of their treatment and doctors.

How to support Someone Diagnosed with Cancer.

The steps and support if you have to have chemotherapy infusions.

Radiation Therapy and what that all means

On "Curing" Cancer
Inspirational, Spiritual and/or Empowering Quotes for Cancer Patients and other People in Search of Healing

Financial Concerns

Working while going through treatment.

Sources of financial assistance

USA – Cancer and Social Security Disability Benefits

Connections to Others and For Caregivers

Imerman Angels connects you to a cancer patient who had the same diagnosis that got through treatment and can relate to exactly what you are experiencing.

As a Caregiver, the do’s and don’ts.

Best Card Messages to send a cancer patient.

After Treatment is Over

Website listing things to do now that treatment is over.

Follow-up care after cancer.

Living well after cancer


Remember, be communicative with others who want to support and love you. Tell them how they can help and let them help you in even the smallest of details. People who care are also confused as to how to be around you and are at a loss for words too. I created a chalkboard whereby my friends and family were asked to leave an uplifting message to me before leaving. That felt so loving and lasting until they came back to write something new. Make positive changes forward, as noted in Victory Lifestyle, every chance you can.

Be an advocate for your health. There are answers to getting you well and I’m here to help with resources.  The End.


16 September 2016

Dr. Mehmet Oz interviews Dr. Burzynski & Eric Merola

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Please listen to this interview Dr. Oz has with Dr. Burzynski.



Here is the movie about "The Cures" that are out there.



16 September 2016

Emotions Affect Us Physically

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Beliefs, attitudes and feelings lead to illness or wellness.

Fear, anger and guilt can depress the immune system.

Increase your personal power and decrease your problem power.

Hope and hopelessness are both a choice.  Choose hope.

Don’t choose to be a victim.  Choose to be a victor.

Nonjudgmental, unconditional love conquers cancer.

My task is to accept others, not approve of others.

Joy is not how much you possess, but how much you enjoy.

Play is great.  Make a list of fifty activities that are fun, that bring you joy and play again.

Recognize and talk to your inner child.  Ask, what do you need to get well?

Peace of mind creates an environment conducive to healing the body.

Schedule daily quite time – fifteen minutes just for you:

Focus thoughts on peaceful scenes, dismissing negative thougts.

Listen to your inner self, being thankful for love, joy and peace and being open to messages to change.

Affirm yourself and affirm your own immune system working to overcome illness.

Talk to your body and tell it you love it and talk to each part and hold your hands over that part as you speak to it.

02 September 2016

Scientists Have Solved the Mystery of How Cancer Spreads

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The Yahoo article outlines work done by Queen Mary Univ. of London, which states:

"Researchers at Queen Mary University of London found the answer by researching proteins found in cancer cells called integrins. As the name implies, integrins allow cancer tumors to stay stuck together. But once a cell breaks off, a specific integrin, Beta-1, changes its behavior and works with another protein, c-Met, to serve as a sort of protective armor for the cancer cell as it migrates through the body. The team found that when they blocked the protein or otherwise interfered with the process, it slowed the spread of tumors"


27 August 2016

How a Cancer Patient Feels When Diagnosed - Video

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Coping With Cancer

A truly accurate video on how a cancer patient feels when diagnosed. Have others see this who help you and support you.

Video - How a Cancer Patient Feels

05 June 2016

Onconomics Plus Test

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If you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with cancer, ask your physician for the "Onconomics Plus Test" to see which drugs will respond to that cancer. This test is designed specifically to you and exactly the type of cancer diagnosed.