16 September 2016

Emotions Affect Us Physically

Posted in Diagnosed Now



Beliefs, attitudes and feelings lead to illness or wellness.

Fear, anger and guilt can depress the immune system.

Increase your personal power and decrease your problem power.

Hope and hopelessness are both a choice.  Choose hope.

Don’t choose to be a victim.  Choose to be a victor.

Nonjudgmental, unconditional love conquers cancer.

My task is to accept others, not approve of others.

Joy is not how much you possess, but how much you enjoy.

Play is great.  Make a list of fifty activities that are fun, that bring you joy and play again.

Recognize and talk to your inner child.  Ask, what do you need to get well?

Peace of mind creates an environment conducive to healing the body.

Schedule daily quite time – fifteen minutes just for you:

Focus thoughts on peaceful scenes, dismissing negative thougts.

Listen to your inner self, being thankful for love, joy and peace and being open to messages to change.

Affirm yourself and affirm your own immune system working to overcome illness.

Talk to your body and tell it you love it and talk to each part and hold your hands over that part as you speak to it.