The Causes

Ultimately, the cause of all cancers is a weakened immune system.

So what is our immune system? Simply put, our immune system is composed of chemicals, organs, tissues and cells that work in a specific and coordinated response to destroy and eliminate mutated cells and foreign invaders such as bacteria, molds and fungi, parasites, proteins and viruses, free radicals and others. These things go about to damage DNA which can start a chain reaction toward cancer. You could say our immune system works somewhat like an app on your phone, which through a complex series of biological processes and cellular signaling, works collectively to keep us healthy.

Also, genetics gives a window into awareness of what type of weakness you have in your DNA to be mindful of, but most scientific researchers use the term of epigenetics, meaning that just because your genes say you’re prone to some type of cancer or disease, doesn’t mean you’ll absolutely get whatever gene defect is found. Less than 15% of all gene defects cause cancer. The other 85% are environmental. Let us note that results of genetic testing cannot tell you when a genetic defect “may” occur either. But having the knowledge of what may show up genetically, gives you a warning signal to heed. With the proper tests done and seeing the proper physicians to monitor the tests, noted below, you can stay on top of your health instead of chasing it with a medication later, masking the problem and creating new ones.

With that in mind, there are tests that can be taken, which are totally safe, that monitor your body at a cellular level, even micro cellular level. (Please refer to SpectraCell.com and Analytical Research Labs arltma.com) This is how you can begin to discover what you are lacking in nutrients that are necessary, not kind of or sort of, but absolutely essential in order for the human body to function. Like your car, it needs gas to get around, but you wouldn’t plan a cross-country trip and think you could get there on one tank of gas. Your body needs replenishing of a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and such in order to do every function you require of it and it cannot rebuild, restore and revitalize you without proper nutrients. You can even reverse your genetics and hold cancer and other illnesses at bay, with proper nutrition and Victory Lifestyle changes.

Below are the top reasons for a weakened and damaged immune system:

1) Poor methylation damaging DNA but fixable with micro nutrient testing and supplements: Link

2) Poor nutrition meaning lack of eating and replenishing nutrients and enzymes with food; Link

3) Lack of the correct supplements (vitamins/minerals/enzymes) (we all need them): Link

4) Toxins from environment, such as air, water, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins in everyday lotions, cosmetics and the like; Link

5) Processed and sugary foods have chemicals in them that confuse the immune system; Link

6) Being overweight impacts the immune system whereby extra fat stores toxins within it; Link

7) Stress on the body depletes nutrients daily; Link

8) Lack of exercise decreases oxygen flow, waste elimination, nutrient distribution; Link

9) Poor hydration slows the immune system function and weakens the body; Link

10) Spirituality and the lack thereof, hinders healing, for hope and positivity boosts the immune system; Link

11) Lack of sleep suppresses the immune system making it weak and unable to heal properly; Link

12) Most medications deplete vitamins, minerals and enzymes taking away from the immune system; Link

13) Recreational drugs, alcohol and tobacco is an immune suppressor; Link

14) Radiation from x-rays, CT scans, power lines, cells phones, air plane rides, microwaves all damage the immune system; Link

15) Being alone too much also has shown to weaken the immune system; Link

16) An underlying infection, virus or disease is already compromising the immune system. Link

17) Unfortunately, aging itself, weakens the immune system. Link

An excellent website fully explaining the immune system: Link

Because we all, from the newborn up, are so susceptible to a weakened immune system, it is imperative to make Victory Lifestyle changes, strengthen our immune system, take it upon ourselves to order tests, like that offered by SpectraCell (micronutrient testing, genetic testing), stay current with scheduled and safe conventional tests (i.e., MRI, thermography, pap smears, prostrate checks, colonoscopies) and always, always be your own advocate of your health.  The End

13 September 2016

Eliminate Cancer Causing Toxins in Your Home

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A non profit Environmental Working Group (EWG), focused on clean environment and public safety, has compiled a list of cancer causing toxins that are sold and used in homes. Look to eliminate them and use cleaning supplies that you can make with simple vinegar, water and baking soda. Here's the "bad list":