The Cures

The Cures first start with The Causes. You must look over The Causes and start to incorporate building up your immune system and eliminating items that hinder it and then taking tests that I suggest here that monitors your internal health. Some you absolutely must eliminate immediately. Once you know the causes and have begun immediately removing them from your Victory Lifestyle, look over all The Cures that are listed below. Some are things to do right from your home, some are things to buy and have shipped to you. Some are places to visit to get you started on the protocol and to continue once you return home. All in all, dig a bit deeper into each cure, for only you can determine, once fully evaluating yourself and getting tests recommended on this blog, what one or ones to start immediately. Hopefully, you also have a doctor who will support your quest for answers.

Causes of CancerThis is where the car analogy fits. If you read My Story, you’ll see I like to refer to our body in car analogies. Not every car model, like a 2016 Acura RDX, has been ridden the same by each owner. So we can only estimate when each car’s “red light” service button will turn on. We cannot know how hard each one has been ridden or how often, how well it’s been maintained, etc. We just know that the 2016 Acura RDX was built to withstand and perform in a certain way under certain circumstances. Even that is vague in reading the owner’s manual.

Every human has a certain amount of negative impacts, health wise, that it too can withstand and continue to perform. For some it is at a very young age and for some at a much older age. Why that is, is answered as best as possible, here on this blog. Our health professionals are primarily trained to treat symptoms. Just like a mechanic typically only sees us when our car malfunctions, they know where to look to fix it. Doctors know what tests to typically perform to diagnosis the health symptom, perform an operation, give recommendations for recovery and are trained to know what prescriptions to administer.

Our goal should be to know what we can do to self maintain ourselves so we can minimize the visits to a doctor to treat a symptom, especially cancer. Treating a symptom is so much more expensive than preventing it. That is a fact. If it weren’t the truth, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, doctors would be greatly reduced in numbers because the need is not there. What should be increasing in numbers are Allopathic, Naturopathic and Holistic practitioners as there were in the past. We, unfortunately, are getting more accustomed to thinking we need medications than knowing we need supplementation and other Lifestyle changes.  (See: Link) and (Link)

The industrialized countries have the highest cancer rates than non-industrialized countries. That seems unreal but true. So what could that point to? Most cancers are environmental which includes food (see graph). The USA has the most doctors to patient ratios in the world. We are the leader in prescribing medications out of all the industrialized countries. What kind of testament is that to be proud of? Yes, I want a doctor when I need one, but I want to need one as rarely as possible. Are we truly looking to keep people healthy before an ailment or are we too focused on the wealth of treatment which is only growing due to lack of knowledge and suppression of how to monitor your well being before an ailment. I search out the science of life and how to nourish it for any circumstances of where one lives, how one lives, by age and gender and all the rest of just living life.


Genetics is a planogram of you. It tells you what you’re made of and where there could be future problems. However, epigenetics says that just because you have a gene, predispositioning you for a possible cancer issue, doesn’t mean it gets turned on. So why does it turn on or stay off? Refer back to Victory Lifestyle. Knowing you have a potential weakness is a start to valuable information. It’s a peek into maybe yes and maybe no.

So, knowing means more frequent tests for earlier detection. And knowing family history shouldn’t be ignored or accepting what you think is unavoidable. Because hearing the words “you have cancer” is unacceptable. It is a symptom caused by different factors for different people.

We can damage our DNA, which is our genetic makeup, and our body, which is constantly fighting antibodies and such in a whole host of ways listed in Victory Lifestyle, such as with x-rays, harsh chemicals, poor nutrition. Or we can choose to strengthen our DNA and immune system through a whole host of ways listed in the Victory Lifestyle, such as taking supplements, eating nutritionally, getting cellular tests, being active and other suggested Victory Lifestyle changes. (Very important link regarding what vitamins/minerals needed to keep DNA healthy) 

Health Insurance:

Don’t you think health insurance should mean, you ensure your health? What better happiness is there than optimal health? With health you have everything.

We are given one body to honor and cherish and care for. We’ve allowed mainstream commercials and items on the grocery shelf, to lull us into a place of thinking, “This food must be good for me.” So we fill our shopping carts to the brim with over processed, chemically altered and below standard nutritional items. I don’t want to sound like another health blog, but all my research shows, too much of all that stuff has robbed your body of critical nutrition: the nutrition that strengthens your DNA and immune system.

There is only so much abuse and misuse one can take. And again, that is different from one person to the next. I don’t know how many bad choices it takes, I want to know how many good choices I can have and take each day. I want to know how to keep my immune system top notch. I want to know how to keep it top notch and what tests I can take to check on it. I want to know the cutting edge of facts on how my body works and what it needs and is telling me. Don’t you? This blog will bring that information to you.

Let’s travel together and follow me on this blog, and I will steer you in the direction of information that should give you better choices based on who you are and how you live. This is truly your responsibility, for with responsibility comes rejuvenation of you.

There is no particular order of importance or effectiveness, for you really must read each one.

Read on for lists of Cures...

31 March 2017

250 Cancer Remedies

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Backed By Science From Independent Cancer Research Found., Inc. (ICRF)

Can you believe it!  I've found the most comprehensive list of 250 Remedies that have helped countless people in all stages of different cancers.  

Some of them you will undoubtedly of heard of, but there are so many here, I attribute it to how God has created many sources that work for those all around the world.  It is with perseverance and responsibility that so much success can occur.  This is like being on a diet, but there is no failure and only the goal of success, you must stick with it.  I get it.  I've done it and now I can monitor it.

I realize that there are failures when one of these many remedies may not work for some, but there is a foundation of health to first consider and to optimize.  Remember my mentioning of the Micronutrient Test from Spectracell?  That test gives you the true answer to your immune health.

Read over the many valuable remedies for sometimes it is a multitude of things that must be considered.  My latest read was "The Cancer Killers' by Dr.s Majors, Lerner and Sayer Ji, who tell the story of a victorious cancer patient and what he did.  To summarize ever  so succinctly, as is stated in the book, "there is one cause and one cure."  It's a great read and a source of how it lead me to find the 250 remedies from ICRF: (Should the list somehow disappear, I suggest downloading it.)


27 December 2016

Christmas And The Gifts of Healing

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Subtle Changes And A Gift You Can Make

There's so much to the simple massage that heals the body.  We've all heard how it is great to relieve stress and relax muscles, but did you know a massage also enhances the lymphatic system which hold the big fighting T Cells.

You don't have to go to a fancy spa to get a massage.  How about asking someone close to you to give you one.  I've told my husband that i'd rather have an hour massage by him than some things we go out to do.  

And in the spirit of Christmas, there''s a gift you can make for yourself and receive the healing benefits of.  You can make your own Frankincense and Myrrh pillow spray.  

Mix together 10 drops of each, Frankincense and 10 drops of Myrrh into a 6 ounce spray bottle filled with distilled water.  Read how these two essential oils have vast medicinal benefits that can be working while you're sleeping.

I use mine just about every nite and switch out some new scents from time to time.


Myrrh:  https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-myrrh-essential-oil.html


02 July 2016

Protocols to Cures

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This is where they can extract your T Killer cells, genetically modify them to attack the cancer in you, put them back inside and the T Killer cells replicate and destroy the cancer completely. Other immunotherapy is given through an IV and even a pill form. This is being effective up to 80% to 90% of people. (Time Magazine, April 4, 2016) Link (And Health Magazine, May 2016) Link