31 March 2017

250 Cancer Remedies

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Backed By Science From Independent Cancer Research Found., Inc. (ICRF)

Can you believe it!  I've found the most comprehensive list of 250 Remedies that have helped countless people in all stages of different cancers.  

Some of them you will undoubtedly of heard of, but there are so many here, I attribute it to how God has created many sources that work for those all around the world.  It is with perseverance and responsibility that so much success can occur.  This is like being on a diet, but there is no failure and only the goal of success, you must stick with it.  I get it.  I've done it and now I can monitor it.

I realize that there are failures when one of these many remedies may not work for some, but there is a foundation of health to first consider and to optimize.  Remember my mentioning of the Micronutrient Test from Spectracell?  That test gives you the true answer to your immune health.

Read over the many valuable remedies for sometimes it is a multitude of things that must be considered.  My latest read was "The Cancer Killers' by Dr.s Majors, Lerner and Sayer Ji, who tell the story of a victorious cancer patient and what he did.  To summarize ever  so succinctly, as is stated in the book, "there is one cause and one cure."  It's a great read and a source of how it lead me to find the 250 remedies from ICRF: (Should the list somehow disappear, I suggest downloading it.)