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36834630 sThe purpose of Victory Lifestyle is to share with you how to take back control of your health and be aware of how to monitor it as well as sustain it.  Ultimately, I wish I could say I have a single magic bullet to give just you, but as you will learn, it takes some steps and information to find all of the reasons relative to you.  However, I absolutely do believe there are answers and cures once you review and follow this site. It is with your fortitude and perseverance that successes will occur.  I call these lifestyle changes victories.  So pledge “Vow Victory” to yourself, meaning, you too will be victorious upon following Victory Lifestyle changes, knowing The Causes and eliminating them and implementing The Cures for success.  I, myself, want to stay victorious from cancer, not just survive.

The quest for finding the truth and digging deeper than other cancer health sites is to find out the “why” and “how” of choosing new Victory Lifestyle choices.  This site gives scientifically proven reasons to motivate and educate you in a new healthier direction.  Most, if not all, of these Victory Lifestyle changes noted herein, I have done and I am still doing when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I might not be 100% all the time, but I am more aware of what I eat, drink, supplement and am in contact with environmentally than ever before.  I now know the long term consequences of being nutritionally unbalanced and I do not want to subject myself to future health issues such as cancer which had crept up on me before. None of these Lifestyle changes below did I incorporate or learn overnight.  However, the science I bring to you here, answers the why, how and other questions to gain a more positive outcomes health wise.  Ultimately the goal is, never to experience cancer.

The empowerment I hope to share with you, is very passionate to me, and I only want people to know more choices are available for the outcome of their health, be it cancer or otherwise.  If we expect our government, the companies we buy our food from and our doctors to all “educate” us on our health, I can sadly say, they just don’t have the time nor are they legally bound to.  You don’t just rely on the TV news to get all of your information so you can’t rely on others to monitor and care more about your health than you do.  I am here to bring that information to you to educate you on how to do that.

For example, we may be told that we can ingest certain toxic things at a level of certain parts per million a day, but ultimately how many other parts per million toxic items are you also taking in per day?  Things like mercury has no safe level or parts per million that we should have inside us.  Yet every time we get an inoculation, mercury is used as the preservative for that shot.  Were you ever told how to get rid of the mercury after getting a shot?  Our water, food, clothing, tech devices and air all have toxic levels in them, not to mention how our body is already taxed with the job of eradicating the pollutants we normally create inside us.  So when you hear our environment is more toxic than ever, it’s absolutely true!    It becomes your job to educate yourself to know how much toxicity you are subjected to regularly and how you can minimize it as well as eradicate them from your body dramatically and strengthen you body’s immune system to eliminate the toxins.  This site will have that information.

To me, I can’t take chances on my health.  I’ve already experienced the worst news in 2014 that I had a rare cancer.  I followed protocol at that time, being overwhelmed in fear.  I even asked my oncologist if I should take any supplements, but he said “no.”  Not one change was I told to start, except to have the surgery and start on a substitute chemotherapy protocol meant for a similar cancer.  Midway through my treatment, I sought out a second opinion and I learned so much more and am forever grateful to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where they had a protocol that included supplements, plus other means to support a healthier outcome.  I am Victorious from cancer and plan to stay that way by using the information I’m providing here.

Let me give you this example.  Let’s say we gassed up four 2016 Acura RDX’s.  All of them brand new and just off the lot and inside each are the drivers.  They all take off down a very long road at the same time.  Will all of them run out of gas at the very same spot?  No.  Many conditions play into where each will run out of gas.  Some will use the air conditioner, open their windows, step on the gas and brake as they go, and the list goes on.  However, one 2016 Acura RDX will come ahead all the rest.  I want to be that car.  I want to know how to best utilize what there is to get the most distance out of my body in the healthiest of ways.

That got me on the road to researching why I should take certain supplements suggested and how they benefited me.  That lead to more and more scientific proof of what else works and improves my health as well as how I can monitor it.  Now it’s your turn, or the loved one you are helping, to overcome cancer and to know how to protect yourself from it and many, many other negative health conditions.  Stay on this positive journey with me and learn and share with others.

The list below will be straightforward as to what to start to incorporate.   Nowhere else on the web is there one place that lists a Victory Lifestyle like I have compiled here from proven results.   Start where you can for every step forward is positive.  Visit the Victory Shop page to learn where to buy the best of the best products, supplies and tests.  All profits will be donated to St. Jude’s.  A charity that helps all children and their families, without cost to them, no matter what type of cancer the children have as well as funds used to further research on a vast variety of cancers.  

I will have much to share and hope you take a look at my Facebook and Pinterest pages, “Beat Rare Cancers,” “Small Intestine Cancer” and “Vow Victory” for many valuable scientific health steps to take as well as read of those who have beaten their cancers through some of the cures listed in this site under “The Cures.”

1) Eat raw organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing them can immediately bring the valuable nutrients in a vast supply and be quickly absorbed and put to work. Trying to eat the quantity you could drink is too filling for most.

2) Use more spices especially Himalayan pink salt, pepper, garlic, curcumin.

3) Add more herbs to meals as toppings, such as parsley and basil and cilantro.

4) Eat more variety of nuts and dried fruit as a treat. Make a mixed nut/fruit treat jar and munch on it daily.

5) Eat grass fed animals and wild caught fish. They are not subjected to hormones, inoculations and poorly prepared processed animal feed.

6) Drink clean water such as purified, filtered or spring. You can test your water with a TDS tester (total dissolved solids). The closer to zero the cleaner the water. However, spring water has minerals in it and will test higher.

7) Take supplements. Below are tests you can order that will suggest supplements to correct you at a micro cellular level. These tests can check you genetically and hormonally as well. The results can see your eight-month health history and refer you to supplements to correct depleted nutrients.

8) Keep clean. Hygiene is essential to wash away toxins on your skin that you expel through your pores all day long.

9) Sleep is crucial to healing. Pick up a Jawbone Up fitness monitor. Once you download the app, it monitors how much restful and restless sleep you get as well as fitness recordings and food logs.

10) Up to 40% of the USA population has a gene defect (MTHFR gene) that hinders foliate absorption, which hinders immunity (T cell building). (See info on MTHFR): Link

11) Wash non-organic fruits and vegetables in ¼ cup of baking soda and gallon of water and rinse off, to neutralize pesticides or in ¼ cup of vinegar and gallon of water bath to wash pesticides off.

12) Store food in glass or ceramic containers in the refrigerator. Plastic leaches toxins and aluminum foil leaches aluminum if in contact with warm food.

13) Remove all plastic ware from your home including cooking utensils. No drinking cups, plates, etc.

14) Remove all aluminum pots and Teflon pans which can leach toxins.

15) Do not use a microwave, which changes the food at a molecular level, destroys nutrients and leaks radiation. Link

16) Do not use harsh chemicals inside your home. A simple solution of vinegar, water and baking soda kills bacteria, mold and germs.

17) Do not use Roundup. It is so toxic to breath and toxic to the skin.

18) Stay away from as many chemicals as possible and use organic substitutes.

19) Review your toiletries. Deodorants have aluminum in them, lotions have parabens and so many other toiletry items even have mercury in them. Choose organic where you can.

20) Exercise for 30 minutes a day. This builds your immunity and helps in so many areas.

21) Extreme heat from sweating or extreme cold builds up your immunity as well.

22) Breathing deeply helps with circulation, which strengthens you internally.

23) Laugh and sing and be with people who love you. Remove the negativity or people and thoughts and forgive and release old wounds and things no longer doing you good.

24) See a chiropractor and/or an acupuncturist to get an evaluation. So much can be learned about correcting your spine and its relationship to major organs.

25) Get massages. This is so beneficial to health. Massages detoxify the body as well as the human touch can heal the body.

26) Find spirituality and get quiet and be still for a while each day. Give yourself peace and silence. Link

27) Have prayer in your life and ask others to pray for you. That is a loving gesture proven to heal.

28) Keep your doctor and medical information organized. Have someone know where to find your documents and pills.

29) Frankincense essential oil is known for assisting in the immune health and many other uses. Link

30) Order a micro nutrient test from SpectraCell (http://www.spectracell.com/patients/patient-micronutrient-testing/). This is the most crucial of tests and the most rewarding of results. This gives an 8 month health history of you, refers you to nearby lab resources and nearby physicians to go over the results. Supplementation is also detailed out specifically to your results.

31) Also available is a hair analysis test from Analytical Research Labs (http://arltma.com/HairAnalysis.htm). This gives a three-month history of your health with a 20 plus page report all about you and what supplements to take.

Health begins with you. You must be your own advocate as lonely as that can be. If you were looking for a job, that task would be up to you. But if you knew someone who could offer that job, that would be perfect. I am that person who is offering you the information on your health and how to eliminate and eradicate cancer. The results will prove themselves and you will feel empowered that your outcome isn’t in only the hands of doctors. Though doctors are sworn to “do no harm,” they do not know everything nor can they keep up with all the science. My doctors are challenged by my visits and they realize I am paying attention. I am like the test taker “curve breaker” wanting my doctors to give me their best for I am coming prepared.

In essence, your health is dependent on: prevention, which are some of the Victory Lifestyle recommendations listed above; on detoxifying your body, which is noted below; emotional wellbeing is essential for every time you’re emotionally challenged it reduces your absorption of nutrients and robs from other sources within you; monitoring your health through conventional as well as micro cellularly; also replenishing your immune system nutritionally through food as well as supplementing with vitamins, minerals and enzymes; and finally through moving which is essentially exercising for at least 30 minutes . This complete process is the sure fire way to the best health you’ve ever had or can ever experience.  

13 September 2016

Enzymes, The Fountain of Life

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A necessary element - Enzymes are the workers, using vitamins and minerals as the building materials.

Enzymes, an overlooked nutrional component to health. 

Our body functions to grab foreign/toxic invaders (antigen) and links it to an antibody making an immune complex. Then enzymes come in and DESTROY the "FIBRIN" around what our body captured, like a cancerous cell, so our immune system can recognize, attack and destabilize it. Wow! This is important!

To read all about it:
Enzymes: The Fountain of Life by Miehlke, K.; Williams, R. M.; Lopez, D. A. published by Neville Pr Paperback

11 September 2016

International Agency for Research On Cancer

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Every Country Uses This Agency As a Cancer Resource

As quoted from the site, "The IARC Monographs identify environmental factors that can increase the risk of human cancer. These include chemicals, complex mixtures, occupational exposures, physical agents, biological agents, and lifestyle factors. National health agencies can use this information as scientific support for their actions to prevent exposure to potential carcinogens"

Many important facts to know about.


11 September 2016

Less Toxic Product Choices

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Pollution in People

Check out the link to "Pollution In People" which outlines tests one could take to check for certain chemicals, but my point was to share alternative products for every use we have.


29 August 2016

The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking

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"Health Science" - Link

The article lays out proof that radiation from microwaved food changes the food and then changes our blood and biochemistry - One short-term study found significant and disturbing changes in the blood of individuals consuming microwaved milk and vegetables. Eight volunteers ate various combinations of the same foods cooked different ways. All foods that were processed through the microwave ovens caused changes in the blood of the volunteers. Hemoglobin levels decreased and over all white cell levels and cholesterol levels increased. Lymphocytes decreased. Luminescent (light-emitting) bacteria were employed to detect energetic changes in the blood. Significant increases were found in the luminescence of these bacteria when exposed to blood serum obtained after the consumption of microwaved food."  See LINK


26 August 2016

The Importance of a Micronutrient Test - Video

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SpectraCell has a great video to listen to to explain the science and importance of how our body relies on a process to steer us from cancer. I'm trying to show how important it is to know just how your body is functioning and highlighting the importance to get a micronutrient test done by SpectraCell.com

The Importance of a Micronutrient Test

26 August 2016

Vitamins / Minerals Lost in Different Preparations

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Check out how much vitamins/minerals you lose taking food from the raw state to each state - frozen, cooked, reheat, etc. 


29 July 2016

Micronutrient Deficiencies Cause Cancer

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Back in 2001, the University of California,stated that "DNA damage from micronutrient deficiencies is likely to be a major cause of cancer." They published their finding that the lack of "folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, or zinc, mimics radiation in damaging DNA by causing single- and double-strand breaks, oxidative lesions, or both." 

17 July 2016


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EXCELLENT time to let you know "How do I know what my body needs and is lacking in micronutrients?" SpectraCell.com is the only company in the USA that can test you at a microcellular level in the most detailed and in depth precision. They are able to test those internationally as well.

16 July 2016

Lifestyle Changes

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I. Prevention
Avoid interaction with as many environmental carcinogens as possible. What and how is that possible? We already know that most of the food grown is pesticide laden or GMO derived and grown in nutrient depleted soil. This process to our food has been chemically treated and that transfers these carcinogens straight through to us when we eat them. The same old adage is true; eat more organic fruits and vegetables and eat organic meats and fish. And when you choose your water, drink distilled or filtered water.

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