13 September 2016

Building Fighter T-Cells

Posted in Victory Lifestyle

Here's and excellent explanation about how important our "T Cells" are which are found in our white blood cells, which kill cancer cells. Just to note, there are 2 ways our "T Cells" are out and about fighting off cancer, etc., in our circulatory system, but the largest reservoir is in our lymph nodes where "T Cells" are stored ready to fight. There is only one main way to get the "T Cells" out of our lymph nodes and that is through activity. Exercise, like walking. Here's another fact, the largest number of lymph nodes are in our legs.  

Okay, so how do we increase our white blood cell count which in turn increases our "T Cells?" Here's a great start:

To follow through with "T Cell" information and how to activate them, now that you know what they do and what foods to make them, here's an excellent site to explain clearly the science of "T Cell" activation. Look over the entire site to this link. Fascinating!