29 September 2016

Completed Review of 23andMe Test with Micronutrient Test

Posted in Victory Lifestyle

Hooray!!!  I’ve finally received my 23andMe results back and have gone over them and my micronutrient test with Dr. Thomas. (To find a doctor near you, visit: https://www.spectracell.com/find-a-clinician/

After spending over an hour together and recording my visit, I have learned more valuable information about my body’s strengths, some weaknesses and even smaller, but highly important, gene weaknesses that may have lead to the cancer I had.

The science is there for the taking and we live in a time in which we should use this utterly valuable information about our genetic dispositions as a window into our overall health.   I see this as a language in which my body is able to tell me how to help it.  A cut on my skin is easy to diagnose and fix, but a weakness in my genes that expresses an inability to absorb a nutrient that makes killer T cells which destroy cancer, is impossible to know unless you take these two tests = SpectraCells Micronutrient Test and the genetic test by 23andMe.

After a very enlightening office visit with Dr. Thomas, he was able to explain each situation in the 33 page report on me.  Knowing I would never remember everything we went over, I recorded the entire session for easy review later even though I was deeply entrenched in what he said.

Now we have a true picture of what supplements I need to support the health of my weakest genes.  Some of those genes clearly pointed to its inability to remove toxins easily as well as pointed to some of my genes weaknesses to absorb certain nutrients.  There were plenty of healthy genes as well. 

So this is my quest to nourish my body with the extra supplements that it needs, based on science, and continue to forge ahead in the Lifestyle Changes I’ve incorporated and continue to tweak for improvement.  I highly suggest this to everyone!