20 September 2016

God's Principle of Healthful Living

Posted in Victory Lifestyle

From The Restored Church of God Sit

In black and white, and for centuries, it is has been laid out to us to eat healthy.  This article was important, though it repeats things that we all usually have heard, but it's the presentation, the new information and how God, who made us perfect, lays out how to return to health.

My own journey on the path to better health and understanding how to know if my body inside really is healthy, has taken quite a bit of time and i'm still tweaking and researching and changing it up based on science and proven results.  

Because I felt I couldn't eat and replenish the many nutrients (vitamins/minerals/enzymes) my body truly needs, and needs even more due to my immune system being bombarded by chemo and previous CT scans and just life, I juice extract pretty regularly.  What's that?  That's using my Hamilton Beach juice extractor to spin off the core life force and then drink it down for immediate use by my body.

But that's just one of the areas by which I'm trying to return to health and incorporate a module that is now normal for me.  The juice that one can make so effortlessly without destroying them by cooking out the life force it holds, really is enjoyable to me.  Smoothies are great for a meal substitute but these juices are just like having orange juice in the morning.  And, yes, I do make my own orange juice too.  Love it all!