16 July 2016

Lifestyle Changes

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I. Prevention
Avoid interaction with as many environmental carcinogens as possible. What and how is that possible? We already know that most of the food grown is pesticide laden or GMO derived and grown in nutrient depleted soil. This process to our food has been chemically treated and that transfers these carcinogens straight through to us when we eat them. The same old adage is true; eat more organic fruits and vegetables and eat organic meats and fish. And when you choose your water, drink distilled or filtered water.

II. Detoxify
The body does its best to keep up with its own eliminating process ridding itself of spent cells, repairing and rejuvenating, but it also has to deal with all the environmental elements it is bombarded with. We can’t always eat as clean and live as clean as we should, so there are ways to help the body cleanse itself. By cleansing the tissues and organs charged with eliminating the internal and external poisons, we boost our immune system. We minimize the stress put upon our body by assisting it in the eliminating process. We are able to detoxify our body through food, water, herbs, and supplements. Our body can tell us 10% of the time that it is in distress (pain and damaged) but 90% of it has no pre warning signs until it may be chronic and irreversible. Read how to detoxify: Link

III. Emotional Strength
This too is a factor to face. Anger, resentment, old wounds, even daily upsets or long term stressors need to be dealt with and come to peace with and let them go. Easier said than done, for emotional upsets are just a part of life. However, this site will give many ways to recenter you as well as using communication skills and facing truths.

IV. Monitor Your Tests
Conventional tests, such as blood work and scans are necessary and so are tests to check you at a micro cellular level and more. Remember, there are better choices than CT scans which are radiation tests. Request MRI’s whenever possible which is without harm to your body. Also, thermography is a non-radiation test that replaces a mammogram and thermographs can detect cancer far earlier than a mammogram. Know when to repeat tests and ask why as well.

V. Replenish Your Body
Your body is an unbelievable, self-healing miracle if nourished and hydrated correctly. What we all have been uninformed about is “how do we do that and how do we know.” With tests offered by SpectraCell and ARL and Feel Good Biochemistry, it is a beginning to seeing how healthy you are inside. Upon getting your results, ordering your supplements and implementing some of the meal planning guides, specifically for you, based on your test results, you will be on your way to optimal health. I would suggest a retest after an allotted time to monitor your results. After that, I would suggest testing about once a year until you see stabilization. Then every few years get retested. Wouldn’t you put on your snow chains to your tires if you knew it was going to snow? Why wouldn’t you want to know what your body needs and craves but has no voice to tell you. I want to be ahead of a symptom not dealing with it and hoping I get over it, like cancer.

VI. Get Moving
Remember playing? Thirty minutes a day of activity is so beneficial to every function within your body. I know it is overused to say, “go exercise,” so I like to say, “go play.” Carve out the time to walk or to get into an activity with others and you will find even joy as a footnote to your steps to health. This can become your new hobby. For some reason we have such a negative connotation to exercise yet we all like to look good and fit in our clothes. I hope the information you’ll learn here will prove how important it is to your long-term health and keeping cancer away.  The End.

“We’re either creating an environment for cancer or killing it.”

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