16 September 2016

Sharing My Result of Micronutrient Test

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SpectraCell Micronutrient Results

As I've noted, this test is very valuable in seeing a history of you and your cells at a micronutrient level which history if over a 4 to 6 month look.  Since following a protocol of vitamins and minerals and enzyme dietary supplementation, my immune health came back optimal.  I do have some borderline supplementation to consider and they did mention two supplementations to start on and even the dosage.  Of course, I've started on them. 

Once I had this information, I took it to my doctor, which was one I picked and researched from the SpectraCell site once I inputted my zip code.  His suggestion was to also take the 23andMe test.  Upon getting those results, we are going to have the real answer to what is going on and where I need to consider adding supplements even though I eat a very healthy diet, but cheat too.  

I'll share that information once I know, which should be mid October 2016.  Meanwhile, here's proof of my immune health that came back showing it falls in the optimal range.Screen-Shot-2016-09-16-at-25656-PM